Flexible Operations and Easy Transport for a Variety of Industries

The mobility and flexibility offered by Dynamis are a welcome alternative to industries currently using on-site power plants, multiple diesel-fueled generators or other traditional power solutions. Dynamis serves virtually any industry in need of power and provides multiple packages that can be located wherever you need them. Some of the key benefits of our mobile power packages include the following:

  • Modular design
  • Smaller footprint
  • Faster/Easier Deployment
  • Clean-burning natural gas
  • Ability to utilize exhaust gas for specific application needs

Data Centers

Reliable, cost-effective power with the ability to create back-up redundancy in the system is critical to our data center customers. Our solution enables them to generate power independently without the capital investment required for a traditional permanent on-site power plant. Dynamis also offers financing solutions that meet the unique needs of this industry.

Oil & Gas

Dynamis solutions can help meet a variety of power generation and operations needs to oil and gas producers even in the most remote locations. Our turbines can run directly off of field gas, utilizing natural gas that may otherwise be flared, and our packages are mobile and quickly deployed from site to site. In addition, our turbines offer cleaner emissions and quieter operations, as opposed to running diesel generators. This allows users to easily adhere to local environmental requirements and meet customer ESG mandates.


Dynamis Power Solutions are a more economical alternative to traditional on-site power plants or diesel-fueled generators. Our mobile power packages have smaller footprints, leaving more square footage for greenhouse operations. We operate our turbines on clean natural gas and can help negotiate cost with local providers. Finally, Dynamis can work with you to optimize exhaust gas with custom-designed solutions for your specific agricultural needs.